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Well here we are at my first post! Yippeee! Let me share with you what you can expect at DirtMoxie. While primarily commenting on RZRs, we do have a variety of dirt bikes and quads in the group along with other UTVs. Hopefully my information will transcend all groups. On Tuesdays, I will be reviewing a product that is specific to what we have on our RZRs and dirt bikes or what I have on my wish list. I would love to hear your comments on what has worked for you and what wasn’t up to standards. The more information I have the better decisions can be made on what to invest in. On Thursdays, I will be posting How-To’s, locations to check out, camping tips, and a few recipes to try. (Food is always better when you are camping!). Thrown into the mix will also be a few guest bloggers who have great insight into other topics I have planned.

Please forgive the dust around the site as I polish up the site and store. :-)

I have to thank my pit crew…my head mechanic and husband Ponch, his assistant and our youngest son Bunker, my dirt bike consultant Rodent (and oldest son who is working far from home), my outside consultant (and chief instigator of challenges) Mojo, and my partner in crime and fellow dirt bunny Pitts at PinkRZRs.com. Without their encouragement and support, I would have still been sitting at the motorhome with the First Aid kit at the ready and missing out on the beautiful scenery you can only find out on the dirt trails.

Let the fun begin!

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