Tusk RZR Cab and Overhead Bags


One of the first accessories to our RZR 800S and 900XP was a Tusk RZR Cab bag and a Tusk RZR Overhead bag. Since my RZR 800S (Lilo) didn’t have a glove box, we were sorely lacking in interior storage options. Some items would be fine in the front storage compartment under the hood but when I want to put the RV keys away or bring my phone along, my jacket pockets just aren’t big enough! Each of our RZRs have a Tusk RZR Cab bag and a Tusk RZR Overhead bag. After using them for half of a season, we have formed some opinions about the Tusk bag.

The Tusk RZR Cab bag is a great size and has ample room to store RV keys and cell phones. There are 2 zippered pockets with a third mesh pocket in the front and it is easy to install. I love the placement between the seats of the RZR. Now I can keep my important items close! One of the downsides to the Tusk Cab bag is that when you are driving without a windshield (like me), all of the dust from the trail comes in and hits the bag dead center. The zipper doesn’t provide any dust protection and now the RV keys and my phone are full of dust. If Tusk made a flap to go over the zipper like backpacks, it might help keep the dust out. However with a few zip-lock bags, we avoid the dust on the phone issue completely. All in all, I really like the Tusk Cab bag for my RZR. Maybe the next Tusk Cab bag model will include a “dust flap”.

The next bag we use is the Tusk RZR Overhead bag. This bag has a large overhead pocket that can store gloves, small tools, scarves, first aid kit, and other small items you may need. It also has a mesh pocket for more items. The best part however is that it has a drop down map pocket. We have put multiple maps into this pocket and we rotate the maps according to our location. The only issue I have with the Overhead bag is when I load all of my knick knacks into the primary pocket, it drags down the bag into the line of site of my rear view mirror. I loose about 1/5 use of my mirror because of the gravity effect. But again, the Tusk RZR Overhead bag is worth the small loss of my rear view mirror.

I recommend these bags for use on your RZR. Do you have other experiences with the Tusk bags? Feel free to share them below in the comments.


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