About Moxie


noun \ˈmäk-sē\
The ability to be active: courage or determination

The ability to be active…CHECK!

Courageous and determined? I’m working on that!


My RZR affectionately named “Lilo”.

DirtMoxie is all about helping me be more courageous if not determined to find out all I can about maintaining my new RZR “Lilo”, learning how to drive Lilo without too much damage, respecting the area in which we ride while sharing the fun we have!

That is the “why” about DirtMoxie but as for the “who”…well these are always so difficult to write. When our family was young we would go dirt biking in our camper. Actually my husband and sons went dirt biking and I enjoyed a few hours of peace and quiet at the campsite, waiting with the first aid kit. The need to learn how to ride a dirt bike wasn’t as important as the enjoying the peace and quiet.

Now that the family is older, I’m wanting to play in the dirt with my family rather than enjoying the peace and quiet. I have started on a new venture with a Polaris RZR. My husband talked me into getting a RZR for us to play in while our boys dirt biked. He encouraged me to get behind the wheel a few times…Well you might have guessed what happened next…I wanted my own. My husband was happy to help as he was able to get a RZR 900  and I inherited the RZR 800. Happily I might add.

Now we have lots of things to talk about. How to approach this climb or get out of that rut. How to keep from thrashing Lilo to pieces with my rookie moves. What improvements we can make to our rides. But best of all we get to do this together and with a great bunch of friends while camping in some beautiful country. BTW…We are still perfecting our campfire peach cobbler recipe. Stay tuned for those articles!

I wanted to share what I learn and what we learn as a group with you and hopefully you will find the Moxie to take your riding or driving to the next level. I encourage you to let me know your tips and tricks as well. This community is for everyone!

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